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Quilliam, Susan The Eternal Triangle
  • Quilliam, Susan The Eternal Triangle

The Eternal Triangle


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We live in a society where monogamy is seen as the ideal. Yet the vast majority of relationships today will at some time involve a third person. The three people concerned will move through that particular combination of desire, euphoria and despair that is the eternal triangle. This book tells the stories of more that twenty such triangles, through the words of the men and women involved. Susan Quilliam, an experienced psychologist, examines the way these people feel and react. Her aim: to understand why and how the eternal triangle happens. What she learns leads to a startling conclusion: that the eternal triangle is in fact a collaborative affair. Contrary to age-old belief, the triangle does not consist of two guilty lovers and their victim; all three people involved, whether they are aware of it or not, create what happens in the triangle, and any one of them can, if they so choose, take control of the triangle and affect its outcome. The Eternal Triangle is not an easy book. The stories it contains will hit home; its conclusions may not be comfortable. But one thing is certain; this book will change the way we understand and experience relationships in today's world.

Paperback. English. Pan. 1990. Good Condition.

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